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Many people feel very strongly about particular issues to the point of believing that the other side must be composed of fools and idiots. People holding such views see the world as black and white and feel very passionate about it. This site delves into these issues and explains why they are not black and white. More crucially, we explore the reasons for these differences of opinion so that each side can understand each other, thereby bringing civility and understanding to the issue. Not only does this make for a better world in which to live, but each side will have far more productive discussions with the other side when respect and open minds are brought to the metaphorical table.

As an example, consider something like the FBI vs. Apple regarding “unlocking” an iPhone used by a terrorist. Although this site will go into this issue in much greater detail, at the simplest level the issue consists of how much one trusts the government to do the right thing, how much one fears terrorists and terrorism, and how much one wants to maintain a right to privacy. If you trust the government and you’re more worried about your personal safety than the threat of terrorism, then you’re likely to be on the FBI’s side and will want Apple to “unlock” the iPhone. On the other hand, if you don’t trust the government and consider the threat of terrorism to be statistically remote, then you’re more likely to be on Apple’s side in this issue, especially if you place a high value on privacy. We’ll explore this issue and why people would hold these beliefs in some detail. However, if you want to understand each side of the issue, you need to explore the motivations and beliefs that people hold dear. Otherwise, you have little hope of changing anyone’s mind, or even having a civil discussion.

In essence, you need to understand why people believe what they do. Even then, it really helps if you understand why you believe what you do, a worthwhile exercise for anyone who wants to influence other people.

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This site is owned and maintained by Scott Darlington. Scott has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Electrical Engineering) degree and a Master of Mathematics (Computer Science) degree, both from the University of Waterloo. After a long career in the High Tech industry, Scott has retired and has turned to one of his passions, embodied by this site. Scott is a Canadian citizen living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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