It’s been a question for many people for such a long time during the seemingly endless COVID-19 pandemic. Should I get vaccinated? For the majority of people, this is a silly question because they are already vaccinated. Fewer, though, have their booster shots. Some, however, didn’t get vaccinated at all.

Some people who remain unvaccinated have issues and concerns that need to be addressed. This video will do that. It will look at the many reasons being touted to avoid the vaccine, such as silicon chips in the vaccine for tracking people. It will point out the simple and obvious, when you think about it, ways in which those reasons really don’t make any sense at all. The video will also discuss booster shots for those who have been vaccinated. There are good reasons to get your booster shot and this video will explain them.

There are some reasons not to get vaccinated and this video will discuss those, too. Few people fit into this category, of course, but the category should not be ignored.

If you know somebody who is on the fence about getting vaccinated, please point them to this video. Coming soon.


Note that the motivation for this posting came from the reaction to The Freedom Con video. I received numerous comments about how much they enjoyed the video but how useless it would be to send to their anti-vaccine friends. This video is for those anti-vaccine friends.


This video is scheduled to be worked on after the Is It Safe? video.