You can use the form below to donate to A Grey World. If you’d like to learn why you might want to donate, or how we use your donation, please see our About Donations page.

To begin the donation process, click the “Donate Now” button. Then specify how much you’d like to donate.Then click “Continue”, to enter your name and payment details. The minimum donation is $5 and the maximum donation is $1,000. If you’d like to donate more than the maximum, please contact us.

Donations are in Canadian funds. Although the rate varies daily, a Canadian dollar is equivalent to roughly eighty cents in US funds. So, a donation of $25 is roughly $20 in US funds. Most credit cards add a surcharge of about 2.5% to convert the donation to US funds on a US dollar credit card.

When you are providing your name and email address, you’ll have the opportunity to check a box to make your donation anonymous. We don’t currently list donors on our website. However some people like to have their donation acknowledged in public. For that reason, we may implement a public donor acknowledgement page some day. If you do not want to be listed on such a page, please check the box to ensure that you remain anonymous.

Finally, you’ll be able to donate using a credit card or a PayPal account. Choose the method you prefer and fill in the payment details. A summary will appear at the bottom of the form. Please make sure that the amount is correct before you click to complete your payment. And, of course, a big Thank You for your donation!