Scales of Justice

When we look at issues, we strive to present a balanced account of the various sides. We include references to source material so that you can verify what we claim. We also include guidance about why people would choose one side over another. This helps you understand why people have made their choices. In turn, this may put your own beliefs into a new light, and will help you to have constructive discussions with others about these issues.

For more information about our goals for the issues we present, please see our Editorial Policy.

Issues List

Here are the issues we are covering or have covered:

  • The Freedom Con: Why the so-called “Freedom Convoy” that illegally occupied downtown Ottawa, Ontario had little to do with freedom. This will be our first entry in our Advocacy series that advocates a particular point of view.
  • Understanding tbe Freedom Convoy: The misinformation that drives those protesters.
  • Dropping the COVID Health Measures: Hospitalization and death rates help us evaluate when we can start feeling comfortable with dropping the COVID health measures.

If you have a hot-button issue that you’d like to see us cover, please contact us. Although we can’t analyze every issue that is suggested, we do keep track of them. When we choose our next issue to cover, we consider how often issues have been suggested. It’s not the only factor, but it’s an important one for us.

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