Many people who see the world as black and white will immediately take their own usual side on any issue. Little thought is put into why they feel that way. Furthermore, without spending some thought on why other people feel differently, the sides don’t understand each other. When the other side fails to respond to “reason”, they are seen as fools and idiots, and then the name calling starts. This is clearly counterproductive. Nobody is influencing anyone on the other side, neither side budges, and no sensible discussion or investigation takes place. We see this all too often, and it’s a sad waste of time for everyone. As the expression goes, “all heat and no light”. We created this site to address this problem.

We will provides commentary on various hot-button topics, exploring the different opinions and sides to the issue. With a better understanding of why people feel the way they do, you will be better equipped to make intelligent choices about which side to support. Furthermore, you’ll be able to explain the issue in terms to which others can relate, thus influencing others (or not, as the case may be).

Our general approach will be to present the facts and analyze the different aspects of the issue. Next, we’ll consider the values that tend to guide a person to one side or the other. Then, we can discuss the motivations for the choices people make. In turn, that should help people understand each other and clear the way for rational discussion. Isn’t that better than pointless yelling?

Is a civil world too much to hope for? Let’s find out.