We’re thrilled to announce a new type of content here at A Grey World: Advocacy. Our content up until now has taken care to look at both sides of an issue. Our articles take care to be fair to both sides, and to look at what factors might lead you to take one side or the other. This is still the primary focus of the site, as described by our Editorial Policy. However, sometimes an issue is pretty darned one-sided. To deal with these issues, some of which are central to society these days, we’ve created the Advocacy category. That makes it easy for you to seek out such articles and videos or avoid it.

Our first advocacy topic will be The Freedom Con. This video looks at the illegal occupation of downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It began on January 29th, 2022 and lasted three weeks. Although nominally all about freedoms, the protest largely denied freedoms of the people of Ottawa. In fact, the protest had little to do with freedoms, as the video describes.

The so-called Freedom Convoy and its international border spin-offs were very polarizing in Ottawa, and indeed in Canada. The vast majority of Canadians were strongly against the illegal protests. Yet, it remains a fascinating study of why people believe the nonsense that they do. That will likely become an article or video providing a counterpoint to the advocacy video. Understanding why people believe nonsense is important to help address the very serious problems they create.

We hope you enjoy the new advocacy content.